(Dawat , 3-day Alternative Newspaper)

Dawat , Three (3) - day Alternative Newspaper is the only Newspaper in India striving for Implememnting Islam with true concept. It was started in 1953 as a Weekly. Later in 1960 it was turned into a Daily newspaper. During 1980-85 a weekly edition was added too. Since the day one, three days alternative newspaper Dawat has been the first choice of the sincere muslim readers. Countrywide, the number of readers it has, are above one lakh twenty five thousand.

Free and unconditional analysis, frank and balanced criticism, also clear and fair enough opinions, informative features and with subjects giving rise to Islamic thinking, this newspaper is moving ahead towards its goal.

Three days alternative Newspaper Dawat is now being considered the representing organ of the muslims in India.


  • Struggle against atheistic forces, exploitation of weak and backward, corruption and dishonesty.
  • Restoring the confidence in muslim ummah and providing them with information, facilities and opportunities, through which they could work with other nations of the country being shoulder to shoulder for the betterment of the country's spritual, moral and materialistic life.
  • Rising above the religion, colour and race to promote the environment of love and integrity, and awakening the national sensation.
  • Publishing the Newspapers, Magazines , Bulletins and pamphlets etc. as per the aims and objectives of the trust.
  • Training of the Journalism with Islamic perspective, and providing research opportunities for that.
  • Co-operating with the Organisations with the common goals.