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Eidgah Zaheerabad
makkah masjid

Eidgah Zaheerabad , (Andhra Pradesh)

Shared by: Mohammed Tajuddin, Zaheerabad, Andhra Pradesh (Jul2012)

Makkah masjid, Hyderabad
makkah masjid

Makkah masjid is situated in the heart of the historical city of Hyderabad. The founder of the city and the Masjid was Quli Qutub Shah.  It is said that the present form of the building is incomplete and Quli Qutub Shah died before completing the structure. It is also said that if the building would have constructed completely according to the plan, it could be the most beautiful Masjid in India.

Shared by: A.Qayyum Khaleeq, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh State (Dec2009)

Edgah, Malerkotla (Punjab)
Shared by: Javed Farooqi (Nov2009)

Manjarabad Fort - Sakleshpur, (a Taluk in Hassan district of Karnataka)

Manjarabad Fort is situated about 6.4 Kms from Sakleshpur, (a Taluk in Hassan district of Karnataka). It is visited by a large number of tourists throughout the year. Set at a height of about 3,240 ft. above sea level, this fort is been built during the reign of Tipu Sultan. It is constructed out of stones and mud and it has chambers all around. The name 'Manjarabad' has an interesting story behind it. While inspecting the construction of the fort, Tipu Sultan is said to have observed fog (known in Kannada as Manju) around this place and decided to name this fort Manjarabad .

Manjarabad Fort served as a strategic defensive location during Tipu Sultan's rule as it commands the approach to the plateau beyond Sakleshpur from the coast. It is also believed that there is a tunnel that connects the Manjarabad Fort to another fort in Srirangapattana near Mysore

Shared by: Faheem Ahmed, Hassan, Karnataka State (Oct2009)

Shared by: Naushad zubair malick, At/post:  Sihin, Via: Hasua dist., Nawadah, Bihar (Sep2009)

Atala Masjid
ATALA MASJID in JAUNPUR - EASTERN UP. Built in 1408by Sher Shah Sharqi -
on of the oldest mosque in Sharqi Dynasty when Jaunpur was the capital city and was known as 'Sheraz-e-Hind.
Shared by: Suhail Raza, Jeddah, KSA (Aug2009)

King Fahd's Fountain, (Jeddah Fountain)
Jeddah Fountain
King Fahd's Fountain, also known as the Jeddah Fountain, is the tallest water jet in the world. The fountain jets water 260 meters (853 feet) above the Red Sea. The fountain is visible throughout the entire vicinity of Jeddah. The water it ejects can reach a speed of 233 miles per hour with a weight exceeding 18 tons. . It was constructed between 1980 and 1983 and began operating in 1985. The fountain uses saltwater taken from the Red Sea instead of freshwater. It uses over 500 spotlights to illuminate the fountain at night.
Shared by: Umair Mohamed, Jeddah, KSA (Aug2009)

Eidgah Shahi , (Kolar)
shahi eidgah kolar
Eidgah Shahi, Kolar, Karnataka State, India built in 1729
Shared by:Mohammed Touseef Khaleel, Kolar, Karnataka (Aug2009)